In April, while attending a conference in Redding, California, Pastor Jacob began to sense that there were some changes on the horizon. Throughout the summer it became clear that New Life was being called to make the presence of the Lord (abiding) our highest priority. At the same time, there was a sense that the power of the Lord (His glory) was going to be poured out for our community like never before. So this fall, conversations with our leadership began as we sought what that would look like to partner with Jesus and His plans for this next season. A big part of the change is that church needs to become the “first” thing of our week. By moving to Sunday nights, our gathering becomes the last part of our weekend or the first thing that we do to start our week. This sets our time together as the body of Christ in a central place for each of us. So, we are canceling Sunday morning services for this coming season and moving our worship and the word service to Sunday nights at 5:30 pm.

The other side of the change in making Jesus first in our gathering times means that we will prioritize everything we do around people encountering Him during our gatherings. Learning to love God, hear and obey Him, and then commit our lives to Him is the process of growing as a Christian. Our body/church is full of stories of the Lord meeting people right where they are….and they have never been the same since. So we are shifting our focus to building an atmosphere where everyone can encounter Him.

Can’t wait to see you there!