Senior Pastor – Jacob and Amber Schreiner |

Pastor Jacob is an ordained Foursquare minister and has been the senior pastor of New Life Foursquare Ministries in Laurel, MT since 2013. He Graduated from the Yellowstone Valley Bible Institute with a certificate in pastoral studies. During his early 20’s he spent almost 7 years working in corrections at a state-sponsored half-way house, handling over 200 men monthly as they worked to rebuild their lives in the community coming out of prison or treatment. This time prepared him for what it was to see everyone the way that God sees them. As a child, Jacob was always more aware of the spiritual realm around him. He could see, hear, and interact with the things of the unseen. After getting saved in first grade, what had been one of his greatest torments became submitted to the Lord and that began a lifelong journey of learning about the ways of God and how the world is affected by what is unseen. At 10 years old he was molested, and at 14, he began falling into a homosexual relationship with another boy, thus starting a 3 year period of immense destruction and pain that paralleled his parents planting the church that he is now the pastor of.

At 17 while on a school trip, the Lord showed up in his dorm room and asked him to make his choice for who he was going to live for. Jacob rededicated his life to the Lord that day and began the process of changing his heart and healing the hurts from a lifetime of filling himself on things other than the Lord. His understanding of the unseen fueled by a close relationship with the Lord has led him deep into the prophetic and what it is to release Jesus into every situation to heal and restore our deepest wounds. The core conviction being that God can restore anything and everything; that when we confess our sin and turn from those things that make our heart toxic – hurt, pain, regret, bitterness, and unforgiveness – the Lord is able to purify and restore all of it. Jacob has helped lead an inner healing and deliverance ministry called Cleansing Streams as well as trained teams for Bethel’s Sozo and Gateway’s Freedom Ministry at the local church. Pastor Jacob and his wife Amber have been married for over 10 years and have 4 children: 3 girls and 1 boy.

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